Every day, we commit ourselves to collaborating with industry professionals to define, design, and manufacture pressure/vacuum tank protection valves, PED 2014/68/EU spring- loaded or weighted pressure safety valves, vacuum break valves, automatic washing valves, bunging devices, bunging valves, airlock bubblers, automatic coupling systems, top-plates, vents, sampling valves, sampling systems, sanitary filters, air/CO2 filtration assemblies, wort aerators, carbonation systems, gas injection systems into liquids, pigging solutions, pigs, multi-way valves, in compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

The choice of your equipment and solutions corresponds to various functions: recovering your products from your lines/pipelines, fluid transfer, securing fermentation tanks, filtered beer tanks, holding tanks, buffer tanks, and pipelines, quality control, filtration, gasification, carbonation, and stages in the cold part of your brewing process - wort aeration, fermentation, transfer, filtration, storage, holding, sampling, and carbonation.

Companies that place their trust in us

Our efficiency & environment, quality & traceability and brewery and know-how ranges cover all the needs of industry players, regardless of the expected functionality.