Vent (XCHE)

Vent: multifunctional support

The XCHE enables all the equipment providing pressure protection (SHP type safety valve) and vacuum protection (vacuum break valves, type BOG or HSV-A depending on diameter), washing of the tank, of the XCHE and all its components, pressurisation and recovery of fermentation gases (CHE type washing valve) to be located at a single point in the tank dome.

The XCHE can also accommodate a stainless steel rupture disc and/or a pressure sensor in additional tappings.

  • Reduced space requirements with this all-in-one package for easy integration into new or reconditioned tanks
  • Reduced integration costs by reducing the number and diameters of connections and by using the same tubing for all the functions described above
  • Full protection of the tank, particularly against thermal and/or chemical shock
  • Guaranteed operation during process phases (fermentation gas recovery, pressurisation, inerting, etc.), including when the wash ball is submerged
  • Product quality preserved with a design that complies with the most stringent international hygiene standards and enhanced sanitation (CIP/SIP)
  • Manufacture and storage of carbonated alcoholic beverages (beer, sparkling wine, cider, etc.) and non-alcoholic beverages (water and other carbonated beverages, etc.)
  • Equipment for fermentation tanks, filtered beer tanks, yeast propagators, yeast storage tanks, holding tanks, production tanks, storage tanks and other buffer tanks.

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