Vacuum powder introduction valve at the bottom of the tank (RT)

Vacuum powder introduction valve at the bottom of the tank

The RT valve is the result of our teams’ knowledge of processes and their extensive expertise in a wide range of sectors (food ,processing chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.). It illustrates Servinox's ability and determination to develop solutions aimed at improving and securing production processes.

The RT valve is a check valve that allows powder to be introduced under vacuum from the bottom of the tank. Its flush design ensures that there are no retention areas where bacteria can develop and the formation of wet powder obstruction. The total clearance of the plug and its solid design (the piston rod is the same diameter as the actual valve) ensure that there is no powder retained in the valve.

SERVINOX uses simulation tools for sizing a RT valve according to the characteristics of the tank, the product and the quantities of powder to be introduced.

  • Productivity: study and simulations before sizing for improved efficiency
  • Quality: flush design allows to preserve hygiene and product integrity
  • Reliability of the production process: quality of dispersions, control of the quantities of powder introduced and repeatability of manufacturing processes
  • Protection of operators during the production phase: prevention of risks associated with occupational hazards (handling of loads, exposure to fumes, etc.)
  • Maintenance: its position at the bottom of the tank allows for easy access
  • Installation at the bottom of the process tank and vacuum manufacturing reactor
  • We recommend completing the installation with a rotor-stator type disperser to ensure that the powder spreads and mixes homogeneously in the liquid

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