Sampling valve with flush membrane (PEMA)

Sampling valve with flush membrane for process or storage tanks and low-viscosity liquids

The PEMA sampling valve is used to take a sample of clear or low-viscosity liquid from a tank order to carry out quality and/or bacteriological tests.

The valve has a dedicated connection for the passage of CIP fluid enabling the sampling chamber to be cleaned. The valve is sealed by a membrane. Its hygienic design ensures that there are no retention areas (where bacteria can develop) and that it is easy to clean. Its hygienic qualities, ease of installation and maintenance, make it a market reference.

Fields of application :
Food processing
Food processing
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Green chemistry & Biotech
Green chemistry & Biotech
  • Hygienic design with totally flush body
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Can be sterilised by CIP/SIP circulation
  • On-tank sampling of clear or low-viscosity liquids (manual version)
  • On-tank sampling of a sticky, sugary, low-solidification rate, low-viscosity or clear liquid (automatic version)
  • Equipment particularly suited to sampling products subject to quality and/or bacteriological tests

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