Pressure, vacuum and gas collection safety valve (BOG)

Pressure, vacuum and gas collection safety valve for inerted tanks

The valves in the BOG range are designed to protect low-pressure tanks not subject to the PED against vacuum (vacuum break) and/or overpressure. Depending on the version, the valve blow-off can be collected.

SERVINOX has the tools to size a valve according to the characteristics of the tank (diameter, height), its resistance (pressure, vacuum) and the washing conditions (temperatures, flowrates).

Fields of application :
Food processing
Food processing
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Green chemistry & Biotech
Green chemistry & Biotech
  • Completely self-contained (no external controls required)
  • Different models available according to requirements: pressure/vacuum with or without blow-off collection, pressure only with or without blow-off collection, vacuum only, etc.
  • Valves compatible with hot/cold washing (after validation-by-validation tool)
  • Simplified, cost-effective maintenance
  • Low-pressure sealing
  • Hygienic design
  • Frost protection option available on request
  • Manufacture and storage of food and non-food products in controlled atmospheres (dairy products, beverages, water, creams and other cosmetic products, fine chemicals, etc.)
  • Tanks not subject to the PED whose operating pressure does not exceed 0.5 bar and whose operating temperature does not exceed 120°C
  • Exclusively designed to convey gases

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