Pigging system (XSR)

Pigging system for process or transfer lines and all types of fluids

The Servinox pigging system is designed to fit perfectly into transfer lines and to recover the residual mass in the pipe by use of a pig. The pig is positioned upstream of the area to be evacuated and propelled through the pipe by a propellant fluid (gas or liquid).

The standard equipment consists of an in-line launching station, a receiving station and a pig. It can be supplemented by full-flow multi-way valves which allow the lines to be adapted to optimise the pigging phases. Pigging can be controlled either manually or automatically using a pig speed control unit.

Fields of application :
Food processing
Food processing
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Green chemistry & Biotech
Green chemistry & Biotech
  • Reduced product losses (recovery greater than 99.5 %)
  • Pigging of all products conveyed in a pipe (viscous, laden, solidifying, etc.)
  • Greater flexibility in the use of lines by reducing the risk of cross-contamination
  • Elimination of the dilution phenomenon induced by water pushing without a pig
  • Reduction in the volume of effluent to be treated
  • Reduced consumption of cleaning agents and washing cycles
  • Reduced operating costs and return on investment from the first year of use
  • Tailor-made system to suit all requirements and constraints
  • Pigging on transfer lines for all types of liquids
  • This equipment is particularly suitable for lines dispensing viscous, laden and/or solidifying liquids (creams, chocolate, caramel, etc.).

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