Independent washing valve (LRA)

Independent washing valve for agitated tank.

The LRA washing valve has been designed to provide enhanced cleaning of the tank during CIP cycles: it reaches the “blind spots” generated by components such as agitators and their shafts, anchors and scrapers.  All LRA valves are strictly identical, therefore, they benefit from a series effect that offers excellent value for money.

Fields of application :
Food processing
Food processing
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Green chemistry & Biotech
Green chemistry & Biotech
  • Air-independent equipment: no control is required, the hydraulic pressure of the CIP triggers the opening of the LRA valve 
  • Profitability: Reduced CIP cycle costs (compared to using a wash ball alone) 
  • Productivity: Improved installation availability with reduced CIP times (compared with using a wash ball alone) 
  • Environment: Water and washing product savings (compared to using a wash ball alone) 
  • Autonomy: in the event of a power cut, an assistance spring keeps it closed 
  • Modularity: Body interchangeability with LPA-A & LPAH valves
  • For all types of products 
  • For enhanced sanitation of agitated process tanks

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