Carbonation system (XAEK)

Carbonation system

The XAEK carbonation system adjusts the rate of CO2 saturation in beer before kegging or bottling. This equipment guarantees the quality and repeatability of the final CO2 content when the beer is drawn/filled. The characteristics of the control unit ensure synchronised operation of the carbonation system with the pump, the CO2 supply and the counter- pressure filling module.

Fields of application :
Food processing
Food processing
  • Self-contained CO2 flow regulator automatically adapted to the beer pressure.
  • Savings achieved by eliminating the need for a buffer tank for beer resaturation.
  • Accurate and consistent carbonation
  • “Environment-friendly” with reduced consumption of water, washing solutions and concentrated detergents, as well as reduced waste
  • Productivity & efficiency
  • Self-learning solution that can be customised for every brewery and every beer
  • Hygienic design
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Adjustment and stabilisation of the beer's CO2 content before packaging
  • Craft breweries, Craft Beer and Pico-breweries

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