Bunging device (BO)

Bunging device for fermentation or pressure storage tanks

The bunging device is a pressure-regulating element. It is used to control fermentation and maintain constant pressure in a tank.

A ball ensures the tightness in contact with a lip seal. Pressure is adjusted by means of a stainless steel weight sliding on the lever. The device is supplied with a 63 mm diameter stainless steel pressure gauge.

Fields of application :
Food processing
Food processing
  • Fermentation control
  • Maintaining constant pressure
  • Possible versions: Pressure, Pressure/vacuum, Pressure/pressurisation,
  • Pressure/vacuum/pressurisation
  • Pressure holding equipment for tanks with a pressure of between 0 and 6 bar
  • Process equipment specially adapted to brewery production (fermentation tanks, filtered beer tanks and holding tanks) and wine production (sparkling wines)
  • The bunging device is a pressure regulating element, and is therefore not a safety accessory designed to protect against overpressure, and is generally insufficient to protect against negative pressure.

To protect your tanks more effectively against the risk of negative pressure and/or overpressure: refer to data sheets in the “Safety & Protection” range.


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