Aseptic washing valve (LPAH)

Aseptic washing valve for agitated tank

The LPAH aseptic washing valve has been designed to provide enhanced cleaning of the tank during CIP cycles: it reaches the “blind spots” generated by components such as agitators and their shafts, anchors and scrapers.  Each LPAH valve is unique: SERVINOX studies the impact zones according to the characteristics of the tank and its components, for optimum washing efficiency and reduced cycle time. Mounted in the tank shell, its flush design means that it does not interfere with or damage the wall scrapers.

Fields of application :
Food processing
Food processing
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Green chemistry & Biotech
Green chemistry & Biotech
  • Efficiency: Enhanced tank cleaning with the customised design of the spray grid, of which the number, size and orientation of the holes are calculated according to the positioning of the valve and the areas to be impacted inside the tank 
  • Profitability: Reduced CIP cycle costs Productivity: Increased plant availability with reduced CIP times 
  • Environment: Saves water and detergent 
  • Autonomy: in the event of a power cut, an assistance spring keeps it closed (double-acting valve control in normal operation) 
  • Reduced footprint 
  • Modularity: Body interchangeability with LPA-A & LRA valves
  • Products requiring aseptic design 
  • For enhanced sanitation of agitated process tanks with scraping blades or proximity scrapers

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