For us, quality is a main issue.

Our Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001: 2008; this daily commitment garantee our customers that all our products are designed, manufactured & controlled following drastic procedures.

We also have the ability to manufacture our products according following norms :

- Pressure Equipments Directive (PED) 97/23/EC

- European Directive about products installed in Explosive ATmosphere (ATEX) 94/9/EC

- US manufacturers’ hygienic norm 3A

- We are an active member of EHEDG France (European manufacturers’ hygienic norm)

We use a full set of tools in order to control our products and to ensure that they are made in accordance with our customers’ specifications (test bench, rugosimeter, hardness-meter, stainless steel quality control…)

At SERVINOX, we are involved in reducing the impact of our industrial activity on the environment; To do so, all our rejects coming from welding (acid, passivation) and finishing (tribo-finishing and tribo-abrasion) are internally cleaned by a dedicated unit and controled, on a day to day basis. We treat with equal care the recycling & treatment of other products linked with our activity (stainless steel, rags, solvents suppression…). Since June 2010, we have moved to a 100% dematerialized filing, saving hundreds of trees every year.

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